Tractor types and usage

The compact utility tractor is a smaller version of the farm tractor and was designed for the primary purpose of landscaping and real estate management.

The Engineering tractors are generally used for construction. They have more durability and power than a regular tractor. These tractors can be suited with a bucket, hoe, ripper, and dozer blade; all of which are attachments to get the construction job done without spending thousands on a proper machine like a bulldozer. A well equipped tractor can usually do it all.

Case 1190 tractor manual

Tractors on a farm are used for plowing and pulling trailers. The farm tractors usually have five pedals and one clutch on the left side. These pedals are used to control the traction of the tractor, its acceleration, and its braking. There’s actually two pedals used for breaking; one of them is to be used in soft dirt or loose mud and the other is to control spins from the loss of traction. The fifth pedal is used to operate the differential lock to prevent the tractors’s wheels to sleep. Most cars also have this option, but they don’t need a pedal for the slip, however a tractor’s working conditions are harsher than a car, so it needs a lock to prevent the wheel slip. The last pedal is for the throttle, which controls the speed of tractor. Unlike cars, tractors also have a hand lever for the throttle, it can be used increase speed or reverse. Truly with five pedals and a clutch, the tractor operate has his hands full.

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